G. Pre-Opening Training

1. Obtaining Franchisee Training. As part of the package of services and benefits provided to franchisees, the franchisor offers training in the operation of a Street Corner franchise at either franchisor’s specified location or your store location as more fully described in the franchise agreement. The franchisor also offers support through several mediums to franchisees throughout the course of the franchise agreement at no additional charge to the franchisee, including phone, email, text. The franchisor may offer expanded training and operation programs at franchisor’s facilities or on-site at the franchisee’s  location on a contract fee basis to the extent required or sought by the  franchisee. More details are available through the franchisor’s office.  

2. Initial Hiring and Training. Franchisee will be responsible for the hiring of all staff and personnel required for the opening and initial operation of the franchise store as well as training of all staff and personnel in the business  methods expected of the franchisee and the business methods required for compliance with the franchise agreement. Selection and training of personnel will be discussed during your initial training. Note that there are multiple laws and regulations that govern your employment and personnel practices and we advise you to seek sound professional guidance when it comes to staffing. 

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