B. Description of Business Activity

Street Corner, a division of McColla Enterprises, Ltd. (McColla), is a retail convenience store concept, founded initially as a niche for convenience stores in large regional shopping malls. In the past we used to refer to ourselves as a newsstand, but with a significant decline in traditional print media distribution, our stores now feature intrinsic retail components that make them more traditional convenience store outlets. What began as Street Corner News evolved into Street Corner, with a marketing tag line of “Sips, Snax & Stuff.” More recently, we have refined the company brand to Street Corner Express for our smaller convince stores and added Street Corner Urban Market, which matches our growth trajectory toward larger, upscale stores with fresh food service.

Our Express stores offer snacks, beverages, lottery tickets, and other conveniences that occupy the prominent positions of our merchandising strategy. Most patrons come to recognize the Street Corner “look” in short order and make it a routine to stop by for self-service fountain drinks or our signature iced tea. Some might find a humidor along with a wide assortment of personal items. We also offer fax and/or copying service where appropriate, and ATMs, check cashing, money orders, ticket sales, and other services can be considered.

Many of our larger format Urban Market stores also offer groceries and prepared grab-and-go meals. Some are fuel stations while others cater to vibrant city centers. Our latest innovation is our fresh, made-to-order food service that features delicious, warm pizzas and sandwiches that can be scratch-made in minutes without sacrificing quality. Our Urban Market fresh food service is “naan”-traditional, with a focus on a variety of menu options served with or on warm, savory naan – a traditional Indian flatbread.

While lease requirements may infringe somewhat on store product lines and services that could otherwise be offered by a Street Corner store, the owner/franchisee will quickly discover and stock profitable items or services that can be most successfully promoted. These include items and services that loyal customers will want as they make Street Corner part of their daily routine for snacks, fill-ups, meals, or general convenience needs.

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