C. Obtaining Franchiser’s Required Approvals

The franchisor has the final say concerning details of all pre-opening aspects related to a Street Corner franchise.  This approval process is absolutely necessary to maintain the Street Corner image and appearance, as well as to provide the franchisee with the best opportunity for success. Among the critical pre-opening business items that a franchisee will  encounter, requiring the franchisor’s written approval, are the following:  

1. Store Location. Possibly the most important aspect of a store creation is the store location, regadless of the store format. Street Corner Express stores operate in shopping malls and other venues, such as office or education campuses. In addition to the location of the mall or campus, the location within the venue is also very important and strategic. Optimal Express locations generally include vacant food court spaces or other food court vicinity vacancies, which typically see higher traffic and act as an ideal transition between areas serving food and the rest of the development. For Street Corner Urban Market locations, other factors are considered, but probably none more important than customer traffic. It is said in real estate circles that the most crucial factor is location, location, location. This is particularly true for Street Corner success, as well. We have specific criteria for locations across all store formats. 

2. Lease. Your premises lease with a real estate developer (landlord) will be another major factor to consider in the operation of a Street Corner franchise. The franchisor must always be included in lease negotiations and execution so as to protect the franchisor’s own particular interests in the lease matters and to help protect the viability of the intended franchise operation. Since a lease is a legal instrument, it is recommended that the franchisee retain independent legal counsel with regard to all lease related matters. The rent you pay – both base rent and variable rent – is another major factor affecting the success of a Street Corner site. McColla Enterprises Inc. has developed criteria for evaluating rent feasibility that is designed to assist you. 

3. Store Design. Utilizing proven store formats, structural elements, layouts, colors schemes, and other components relative to presentation and marketing of Street Corner franchises, the franchisor has developed a standard for store design and operation that must be followed consistently. We will seek to standardize these ideas for each franchise operation that opens in the future. Design is not only a critical element for review by the franchisor, but it will  be a highly detailed part of the landlord’s approval process. The Street Corner image is designed and built into each store location. Street Corner store designs are developed by experts to meet a specific level of sophistication that can be leveraged into successful businesses.

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