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Vikram Dhillon headshot

Vikram Dhillon Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Vikram provides attentive and honest guidance to potential owners looking to open a Street Corner store. By conducting sophisticated research to locate properties that are a good fit, arranging meetings with landlords, and negotiating lease agreements on behalf of the franchisee, he demonstrates a commitment to the best interests of each potential store owner.

Currently, Vikram owns two stores in the San Diego area and would like to develop 12 to 19 additional locations in the next five years — with the end goal being to change the industry with Street Corner’s fresh, innovative store concepts.

As a child, Vikram learned about the nuances of business ownership while watching his father run a successful convenience store in California. Several other family members followed suit and he also went on to own 18 of his own stores. Today, he brings this experience and his business acumen to the Street Corner team as he helps develop stores nationwide.

Vikram’s words of wisdom: "Listen first, then talk."

Peter La Colla headshot

Peter La Colla President, Chairman of the Board

Having served as Street Corner’s CEO for over 30 years, Peter is at the forefront of a major shift in the c-store industry — from tired store models to fresh, innovative formats. This approach has been successful, too: since opening the first Street Corner convenience store in the West Ridge Mall in Topeka, Kansas in 1988, the company now has dozens of franchises throughout the U.S.

While Peter is now retired as an employee of Street Corner after 34 years of service (as of Dec. 31, 2022), he retains his shares in the company and continues his position as President and Board Chair.

You could say it all began when, as a college student, he began selling hot dogs and pretzels on a street corner outside a popular nightclub in Poughkeepsie, New York. In the years that followed, Peter merged his entrepreneurial vision with a local attorney's business and legal expertise to form McColla Enterprises, Ltd., and the rest is history.

Peter’s words of wisdom: "The golden rule is important in business. I often ask myself, ‘How would I want to be treated in this situation?’"

Adrian Aybar headshot

Adrian Aybar Chief Operations Officer

Adrian joined the Street Corner family in 2014 as a franchise owner. He owned his store from 2014 through 2019, when he transitioned the location to a new franchisee. As our newest member of ownership, Adrian became Vice President of Operations in August 2021. Following an unprecedented year of growth, he was elevated to Chief Operations Officer in October 2022.

Adrian focuses on training new franchisees and facilitates their store openings, providing support with vendors and merchandising. He visits new stores before they open and train the new owner and his/her employees on-site, right up to their grand openings. He also provide continued support over any and all mediums of communication to existing franchisees.

As a previous franchise owner, Adrian understands the challenges when starting from scratch. He strives to ensure new franchisees have the support they require for their success.

Adrian is a Peruvian immigrant who grew up in the urban jungle of New Jersey. He joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17.

Adrian’s words of wisdom: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. We are not limited to our natural abilities, we are limited by the amount of effort we bring to the table.”

Deepen Patel headshot

Deepen Patel Stockholder, Area Developer, Franchise Owner

Deepen’s role involves guiding potential franchisees through the early stages of opening their own Street Corner store. This entails answering questions about available opportunities and scouting potential locations; then, after lease negotiations, he his responsible for training the store team and preparing for opening. After a store is open, Deepen makes frequent visits to ensure overall store success and sales growth.

Deepen estimates that dozens — if not hundreds — of his family members are also business owners in the hospitality industry, running their own hotels/motels, restaurants, and gas stations. Having such an entrepreneurial background gives Deepen a better understanding of the unique pain points experienced by those considering opening their own Street Corner franchise.

Having been born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Deepen developed a keen understanding of the region and its demographics — which makes him the ideal point of contact for individuals considering franchise ownership in LA County and the surrounding area.

Deepen’s words of wisdom: "Work hard, play hard, and strive to be your own boss one day."

Jasdeep Randhawa headshot

Jasdeep Randhawa Area Developer, Franchise Owner

Back in 2019, Jasdeep Randhawa was interested in finding a new brand to expand on his family’s quick-service food franchises. He was specifically looking into the convenience store space, but he wasn’t really interested in any of the major international brands such as 7/11 or AM/PM.

He came across Street Corner and decided to reach out to learn more. That’s when he connected with co-founder Peter La Colla, chief exective officer at the time. It wasn’t long before Jasdeep realized that he aligned well with Street Corner’s mission of providing sleek, innovative, upscale stores in underserved markets.

Today, Jasdeep's Street Corner Urban Market – a 4,000 square-foot multi-pump fuel station – is under construction in Merced, Calif. The store will feature Street Corner’s new fast, fresh food service in a fast casual environment. It will have all touch-screen pumps with “Order At The Pump” technology and self-checkout.

Jasdeep is also the area developer for new Street Corner franchisees in California’s Central Valley, where he has lived all his life. Through his experience in the food industry with his family, Jasdeep has a natural entrepreneurial spirit. “I enjoy getting out of something from what you put in,” he says. “When you own your own business, there are always challenges, but you learn something new every single day, and that is what helps you grow.”

Jim Condict Franchise Owner

As a successful franchise owner of a Street Corner Market in Downtown Cincinnati, Jim Condict is our go-to for advising new store owners as they open their own businesses and begin training. Franchisees can expect complete transparency when interacting with Jim, as he draws from experience operating a high-volume quick service restaurant (QSR) to offer valuable guidance and straightforward recommendations. He also actively implements new offerings and ideas for his on-the-go customers — ideas which are often repurposed by our larger franchisee network.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Jim hiking with his children, playing golf, obsessing over fantasy football, and spending time with his family. Jim is also a 10 year veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force. He has circumnavigated the globe, traveled to the North Pole, and swam in the Mariana Trench.

Jim’s words of wisdom: I believe in being genuine and making connections with everyone I meet. With a little conversation it’s amazing to see how alike we all are.

Viridiana Amaya (Viri) headshot

Viridiana Amaya (Viri) Operational Support

Viridiana joined Street Corner in May of 2022. Viridiana supports the Operations Department ensuring franchisees have the support they need to be successful. Her analytical abilities help refine systems in place and make store improvements using data provided by our partners.

Viridiana is a San Diego native who enjoys hiking, volunteering, and spending time with her family. She is very passionate about helping others which is applied both in her work and personal life.

Viridiana’s words of wisdom: ” Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Tejal Patel Independent Franchise Onboarding Consultant/Franchise Owner

Prior to opening his first Street Corner franchise, Tejal worked in Information Technology by day while helping his family operate their convenience store in Pennsylvania in the late 90s. Soon he got "the itch" to own his own business, and in 2000, after learning more about Street Corner, Tejal opened his first store in 2000 at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey.

In 2010, the Patel family opened their second Street Corner store at the Bergen Town Center in Paramus, N.J. Today, with his tech skills and more than two decades as a franchise owner, Tejal enjoys helping new franchisees work through all aspects of the onboarding process, including store design, assisting with lease negotiations, and working with architects and general contractors.

Tejal’s words of wisdom: “When opening a new business, the keys to success are to be open-minded, stay positive, and have patience. ”

Scott Truitt headshot

Scott Truitt TRUITT | Brand Design, Branding and Design Consultant

Scott and his team of designers, copywriters, and web developers at TRUITT | Brand Design handle all of our branding, visual marketing, web site and store design.

Over his 25 years designing retail spaces, Scott has designed everything from a body piercing studio to a funeral home, big box stores to your corner store, professional sports stadium retail to restaurants. He designed the prototypes for each of our four store formats, and he leads the design process on every new location that we build as well as remodels on existing stores. Scott will walk you through his design process as he designs your store, explaining how each feature element in the store is designed to engage your customer and inspire them to buy, and work with you on any unique features that will maximize sales in your specific location.

Scott hails from the Seattle area and travels frequently, but currently enjoys the slower pace and outdoor lifestyle of Boise, Idaho.

Scott’s words of wisdom: "Customers don’t want to just buy from you – they want to identify with you. If you identify with them, they’ll be a loyal customer for life."

Dr. Fred Wencel headshot

Dr. Fred Wencel Consultant, Fresh Food and Bakery Program

Dr. Fred has worked in product concept development, restaurant, and food service management for more than 30 years. He has a doctorate in food service management from Iowa State University and has a strong passion for developing and executing great food with experience in restaurants, food service locations, convenience stores, sports and leisure venues, and food manufacturing. He has a co-patent on a pretzel and developed the “Junior Gino” pizza offered in Fenway Park for the Red Sox’s for the last fifteen years. Dr. Fred is constantly updating his experience and knowledge base in food safety, labeling, and nutrition.

Dr. Fred's father was in the military, and he moved around a great deal as a kid. Living on military bases, your best friend was the kid that lived next to you. He learned a lot about food from the different places they lived and the diversity, culture, and customs of his friend's families.

Laura Perkins headshot

Laura Perkins Marketing & Web Development Consultant, Bluestem Creative

Laura served for more than 20 years as a director of promotional communications and creative services in the media industry. In that roll she led teams in charge with implementing brand strategy and marketing campaigns for 13 national media brands. In 2020, she and her husband, Andrew, launched Bluestem Creative, a creative services and content development agency.

Laura grew up on a horse farm just outside Auburn, Kan., where she developed a lifelong love of nature, animals, and plants. She relishes the time she has to be creative, hike, garden, travel, read and spend time with her family.

Laura's words of wisdom: Sell the problem you solve, not the product.

Andrew Perkins headshot

Andrew Perkins Marketing & Web Development Consultant, Bluestem Creative

With more than 20 years of experience in the media industry, Andrew has covered a lot of ground as a writer, producer, brand ambassador, and event specialist. For nearly that long, he has enjoyed a personal friendship with Street Corner co-founder Peter LaColla. In 2020, Andrew and his wife, Laura, launched Bluestrem Creative, a creative services and content development agency. Together, they provide the marketing, branding, social media, and content support for Street Corner and our franchisees.

Andrew was born in the midwest but split his time growing up between Kansas and Taiwan, where his father was in business for more than 30 years. That earned him a unique perspective on cultural influences and diversity. He uses that worldly experience to help maintain Street Corner's image as a welcome host to all walks of life.

Andrew's words of wisdom: "When establishing a new business, start with a concise and focused mission. Learn who your customers are and stay 100% honed on servicing their needs."

Kalpesh Maru headshot

Kalpesh Maru Outside Services Consultant

Kalpesh helps new and existing franchisees ensure everyday operations run smoothly, whether he’s fielding product questions, working with vendors, or bring new stores to life. Since he was first hired as a Street Corner intern 14 years ago, Kalpesh worked his way up to a management analyst position and finally into his current role. This can-do attitude and strong work ethic make him an integral part of our team.

Kalpesh hails from Gujarat, India, where he began his career in manufacturing before moving to the United States. He began his career at Street Corner in 2005 as an intern from the local university where he used Street Corner as the basis of his capstone project, utilizing regression analysis for his master’s degree in business administration. Having traversed countries and changed careers, Kalpesh has learned to put himself “in other people’s shoes” — a mindset that guides him as he helps Street Corner franchisees with their own new beginnings.

Currently, Kalpesh resides in Topeka with his wife and two kids. In his down time, he enjoys watching films — particularly Bollywood and comedies — and traveling.

Kalpesh’s words of wisdom: "If you do good things, good things will happen to you."

Ed Davidson headshot

Ed Davidson Gas Station Advisor

Ed evaluates new properties that will offer gasoline, then advises the team as to the pros and cons of specific locations. He is responsible for locating gasoline distributors in the marketplace and setting up meetings with franchisees to discuss brands, pricing, and profitability of gasoline equipment. Since retiring from one of the largest convenience store chains in the world after a 47-year career, Ed opened his own company — and he has now worked as a consultant for Street Corner for five years.

And you could say Ed knows the ins and outs of the business. Right out of college, he “fell in love with” his job at that large convenience store chain — so much so that he stuck with it, eventually becoming the president of the New England Convenience Store Association. Later in his career, he received the “New Business Business Rep of the Year.” Over the years, he has seen many changes in the industry, but he views these as exciting transformations that keep his work-life interesting.

In his spare time, Ed enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and grandchildren.

Ed’s words of wisdom: "When your industry is continually changing, you must change with it."

Dan McCabe headshot

Dan McCabe Co-Founder Emeritus

As a co-founder of McColla Enterprises, Ltd., Dan has provided decades of legal expertise and guidance to Street Corner since 1987. He continues to hold both a legal and a strategic role within the company, and handles everything from generating franchise agreements to policy setting and vision planning for Street Corner’s future. At any point in the franchisee relationship, Dan is our go-to for contract negotiations, leasing issues, or helping with the legal implications related to employees, claims, or operational concerns.

When not otherwise occupied with Street Corner or his legal practice (he’s the senior partner at a ten-lawyer firm in Poughkeepsie), Dan enjoys traveling with his wife throughout the U.S. to visit his three adult children. He also tries to make time to dabble in the arts, and most recently has taken up stone carving.

Dan’s words of wisdom: “An entrepreneur needs to surround themselves with the following three professionals: a financial backer, a good accountant, and a good lawyer. That, coupled with hard work, helps guarantee success.”