D. Exclusive Vendor Relationship

The following items must be ordered through or from the home office, unless excused in writing:  

a. Street Corner logo drink cups – both cold and hot

b. Any other item with the Street Corner logo printed on it, including bags, labels, signs, and any future items the franchise may require.

c. Street Corner daily form envelopes

d. Uniforms (polo shirts, personalized t-shirts, or aprons)  

Adherence to Franchisor Contracts. Franchisees must put forth a good faith effort to live up to and fulfill the terms and conditions of any contracts or  agreements which the franchisor and any vendor(s) have entered into. This scenario often will involve a franchisee’s cooperation and support when dealing with national account vendors. Always keep in mind that the company image is “on the line” when handling national accounts.  

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