A. Introduction Letter

Welcome to Street Corner! Our story began in the late 1980s, when we realized there was a remarkable void in availability of convenience store items within most modern-day retail shopping centers. While convenience stores had existed for decades in downtowns, airports, and along roadways, shopping malls and similar environments had all but ignored having a convenience store option within the tenant mix. We determined there was a ripe opportunity to engage with thousands of captivated pedestrians in these large gathering places.

So Street Corner was born – a newsstand/convenience store “oasis” for shopping malls and, really, any high-traffic campus or recreation center. It wasn’t long before our concept took off and we quickly realized that the most efficient and expeditious path to growth was to establish a franchise structure.

Since the very beginning, the key to Street Corner’s success has been rooted in our firm belief that to engage customers in an upscale, fashionable environment, it is imperative to offer quality products in a sophisticated, upscale setting. Our stores have always featured forward-thinking designs with well-thought merchandising with clean, sleek components – an approach not typically associated with urban newsstands or convenience stores.  

This dedication to quality allowed us to evolve over time with new store concepts that set a higher bar for a better experience across the entire retail landscape. Today, we continue to support many franchisees with Express stores in malls, office buildings or retail shopping centers. We also have our Urban Markets in city centers as well as with fuel stations and even truck stops – all with an elevated appeal that rises well above the competition.

Thank you for joining our team. This manual will guide you through the operational topics and details that together constitute the business format of Street Corner. 

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