1. Required Street Corner Fixtures and Equipment:

a)         A specific electronic register as will be designated at the time of your store’s build out by the home office.

b)         “Miami Iced Tea Jubilee” Assembly, including barrel, signage and pedestal to be purchased from franchisor

c)         A specific ice maker as will be designated at the time of your store’s build out by the home office.

2. Typical Street Corner Fixtures and Equipment:

a)         Ice Machine

b)         Coffee Brewers

c)         Fountain Machine

d)         Lottery Machine (if applicable)

e)         Televisions

f)         Cabinets

g)         Soffit Lighting

h)         Soffit Signage

I)         Cigarette Racks

j)          Soda “Pop” Cooler

k)         Island Oasis

l)          Fax Machine/Phone

m)        Calculator

n)         Copy Machine (if space allows)

o)         Credit Card Machine

p)         Open ice bin

q)         Cup Holders

r)          Condiment Trays

3.  Required Street Corner Inventory:

a)         Pepsi beverage products

b)         Zippo lighters

4.  Typical Street Corner Inventory:

a)         Items:

                                    1.         Advil/Tylenol (Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen)

                                    2.         Antacids

                                    3.         Aspirin

4.         Band-Aids

5.         Batteries

6.         Breath Spray

7.         Diapers and wipes

8.         Chapstick

9.         Candy (mints, gum, candy bars)

10.       Cigarettes (and lighters)

11.       Throat lozenges

12.       Cough Syrup

13.       Contact Lens Solution

14.       Deodorant

15.       Film

16.       Hosiery

17.       Hand Lotion

18.       Kleenex/Tissue Products

19.       Shampoo/Conditioners

20.       Hair Spray

21.       Sinus Medicine/Sprays

22.       Nail Polish Remover

23.       Office Supplies (white out, legal pads, pens, pencils, envelopes, staples)

24.       Glue stick and tape (scotch and masking)

25.       Suntan Lotion

26.       Tampons/Mini Pads

27.       Condoms

28.       Reading glasses

29.       Toothpaste/Tooth Brush

30.       Razors

31.       Shaving Cream

32.       Powders/Talc

34.       Snack Foods (chips, cookies, crackers, pastries and cakes)

35.       Extensive tobacco products and accessories including cigarettes (domestic and imported/specialty), cigars, chewing tobacco, pipes, lighters, etc.

37.       Newspaper selections

39.       Beverage selections including fountain and bottles (sodas, juices, energy drinks, and water)

40.       Lottery (if authorized)

41.       Personal care items such as nail files, clippers, combs and brushes

42.       Incidental current fad items (such as baseball cards, wristbands, novelty candy, sports memorabilia, diet items, etc.)

43.       Small gift items and souvenirs


1. Street Corner Schedule of Opening Procedures (Attached)


1.         Enter store and bring in newspapers and deliveries

2.         Start Miami Iced Tea set up

3.         Sign onto lottery system

4.         Set up register and verify banking

5.         Check in newspapers

6.         Start coffee

7.         Set up fountain station

8.         Power up the store

9.         Complete and/or confirm any reporting due home office and your readiness for customers

10.       Start ongoing daily activities

11.       Verify transmission of previous day sales by electronic polling from the home office.  If not completed contact McColla for follow-up



                              OPENING PROCEDURES SUMMARY

1)         After entering your store area, all doors should remain locked until opening time

2)         Start Miami Tea so tea has time to brew and the water in brewer has time to come back to proper temperature before making each additional pot

3)         For the stores that might have Lottery and Keno

a)         Sign onto your machine

b)         Place slip from machine in designated envelope for weekly collection

c)         If you have Keno, make sure the TV is on and game is on screen

4)         Register/Banking

a)         Verify/count all monies for register and bank

b)         Check with the store manager on opening register and cash procedures

c)         If deposit and banking are done at opening shift, follow deposit procedures at this point

5)         Newspapers

a)         Depending on your paper drop off point, bring them in first and count

b)         Set up daily or weekly or monthly log for recording received number of papers.  Check with store manager for log form and type of record keeping done for your store

c)         Leftover newspapers are recorded from the previous day

i)          Check store policy on excess papers.  Some may need the whole paper saved; some just the headings with date.  Set newspapers aside until the distributor picks up for collection.

d          When payment is due for papers at time of collection, have distributor verify their record of amounts received and returns against the store log form before paying

i)          Pay Distributor’s bill out of register through cash disbursement.  Print out receipt and staple to bill

ii)         Record cash disbursement under category and put receipt/bill in an envelope

6)         Coffee

a)         Always – One filter per pot / do not reuse filters

i)          Decaf – one pouch per filter

ii)         For the best-flavored coffee, it is recommended to continually make coffee throughout the day to ensure freshness every time

iii)        Regular coffee is treated in the same manner as Decaf; the only difference is the coffee is ground beans

7)         Fountain Area

a)         Place floor mats on the floor area in front of fountain and coffee counter

b)         Spigots should be rinsed and replaced on fountain before turning machine on

8)         Lights/TV/Power Switches

a)         All light switches should be turned on at start of business day

i)          Walk through store after turning on light to ensure all are in working order

b)         Tune television to Fox News

i)          Adjust volume control for suitable volume

9)         Other

a)         Completion: Daily Sales Report

i)          If report has not been completed the previous night, process with Daily Sales Report at this time.  This is found in the Deposit Procedures.

ii)         After this procedure is done, FAX report to office no later than 10 A.M.

b)         Assure that store is ready for customer and sales

i)          Make sure all supplies and inventory are stocked up

ii)         Check humidor moisture and water level


1. Street Corner Schedule of Closing Procedures (Attached)


Stocking List (Start between 7-7:30 P.M.)

1.         Sugar and creamer packets

2.         Ice in fountain unit

a)         Must be full at close of store

3.         Cups and lids

4.         Straws

5.         Candy

6.         Bottles

7.         Cups

8.         Cigarettes (if needed)

9.         Start draining the tea barrel

10.       Clean teapots and entire display unit

11.       Sweep and mop floor areas

12.       Ten (10) minutes before closing, pull coffee pots and filters, clean and place coffee units on cigarette stands and filters on counter near tea unit

13.       Set up cutting board with knife and oranges (for next day)

14.       Close gate (about 9:00 P.M. or your usual closing time)

15.       Close lottery machine

Instant Ticket

Report #

Today #

Print Report



Today’s Report

Print Report

On Lottery slip, record all instant ticket names with ending number.  Place all validated Lottery, instant tickets and reports into Daily Report envelope.

Sign off (See Deposit Procedures at this point)

16.       Turn off equipment

a)         Pepsi machine (Remove key, leave on register key)

b)         Lighter displays

c)         Flip marked switches in breaker box off

d)         Turn off all light switches [consider leaving on a night light]

                                MAKE SURE ALL STORE DOORS ARE LOCKED

                                                                   LOCK GATE

                                                        SET ALARM SYSTEMS


1. Street Corner Basic Cash Register Programming: (Refer to corporate office approved register dealer, the corporate office or your registers manual.)

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