1. The franchisor is required to be protected as an additional insured on all business-related insurance policies obtained by the franchisee, including the mandatory comprehensive Business Owners policy insuring against injury  and damage items. See the franchisee agreement for more details on this insurance requirement.  

Licenses. In most cases, franchisees will be required to obtain the following licenses before opening. Keep in mind that some states, cities, and counties will require additional licenses. Regional requirements should be investigated.  

1. Board of Health/Food Service License  

2. Cigarette License  

3. Tobacco License: Some states require this as well as a Cigarette License. Check with your state.  

4. Pharmacy License: Some states require this license in order to sell aspirin, Tylenol, cough drops, etc.  

5. Lottery License  

6. Business License

7. Resell Permit or License

8. Alcohol Beverage Control Permit or License

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