1. Keeping store secure until opening procedures completed. For security  reasons, upon entering the store, close the gate or doors and keep them locked until the opening procedures are completed and the store is ready to open.  

2. Use a new daily envelope each day. The same daily envelope is utilized during opening, closing, annotating lottery, and to note any significant issues that may have occurred that day.

3. Open shift. Open shift on all Point of Sale (POS) terminals by following prompts, placing the cash box inside of the register, and counting the money in each register. Annotate counts and discrepancies accordingly. Ensure there is enough paper in the printer of each POS terminal.

4. Lottery. Stores which have lottery or other on-line games of chance should follow the following procedures:  

a. Sign on to the lottery terminal.  

b. Ensure there is enough paper in the printer of the lottery terminal. 

c. Properly count and annotate serial numbers of instant lottery games.

d. Check for lottery updates on the terminal.

5. Verify completion of work from previous day. This step can be assisted by our checklist application for daily tasks.  

6. Verify daily reporting to Street Corner headquarters. Providing your daily sales report to Street Corner Headquarters is a requirement. You will be notified if your daily sales reports were not received by us. Street Corner Headquarters will receive your daily sales report by an automatic polling system programmed into you POS terminal. Your POS terminal will have to be on and connected to high-speed internet overnight. If polling fails, you must cooperate to have your store re-polled. The typical causes of polling failures are the POS terminal being turned off overnight, loss of Internet connection, or the POS terminal is not operating properly due to hard drive issues. If the problem persists, we will require a scanned and emailed copy of your sales report generated by the POS terminal. The issue of failed polling is one that needs to be remedied promptly. We will not accept scanned and emailed copies of sales reports for a prolonged period.

7. See attached schedule Appendix “F” for more information.  

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