A. “Grand Opening” Procedures

A. Street Corner Opening in a New Venue. Whenever possible, “piggyback” the  store’s grand opening with the Grand Opening of the mall, office building, residential building, or other venue where your store is located. The venue’s extensive promotion and advertising campaigns should be exploited.  

B. Street Corner Opening in Existing Venue. When opening a Street Corner store in an existing mall, office building, residential building, or other venue, post flyers advertising available products, featured items and promotions to all the other stores, offices and common areas near your store. Also, utilize any of the facility’s marketing support, if available, including tenant email lists. Using social media and other forms of digital marketing is necessary in today’s environment, as well. At Street Corner, we provide all franchisees with marketing support. Please contact Operations for more information.

It is important to always target people employed at and around your venue. They are a huge marketing and sales asset. Gain their trust and familiarity so they will not hesitate to frequent your store and to send customers your way.  

C. Cup Promotion. A successful promotional tool used in conjunction with past openings of Street Corner stores involves handing out free cups for fountain drinks to the managers, employees, or residents located in and around your venue. This practice has proven successful in all Street Corner locations. It keeps your store in the front of their mind and generates enormous good will with the very people who will in turn regularly support your operation. 

If your store doesn not have a beverage fountain, free bottled water is a great alternative. You can purchase large packs of half-liter water bottles very inexpensively. We recommend promoting the water giveaway with flyers, which can be collected in exchange for the water to prevent abuse of the promotion. A one-week Grand Opening water giveaway is recommended.

D. Coupons. Your store’s Grand Opening event is also a great time to create a promotion, typically a coupon offer (Examples: two fountain drinks for the price of one, free medium iced tea with any other purchase, etc.) that will draw customers to the store. Such coupons can usually be placed in your venue’s own marketing and promotion materials.  

The coupons will give customers an excuse to come to the store, browse the selections and ask questions. A new store is generally welcome and big news withthe regular crowd at your venue.

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