E. Advertising and Signage

1. Professional Signs. Not only is it in good taste and good business, but it is also required by most leases that you have professionally made signs in your store. Handmade and self-printed signs must never be used. They detract from the appearance of any store and degrade your business image. Do not allow vendors to put up signs that are less than professional in appearance.  

2. Marketing Support. As a Street Corner franchisee, one of the key benefits at your disposal is the ability to tap into our corporate marketing support. At Street Corner headquarters, we run regular promotions on our website and through targeted social media. If you have news, such as a winning lottery ticket sold at your store or you are involved in an inspiring community event, let our marketing support know so we can spread the word!

3. Effective Ads. If your store is part of an established venue, such as a mall or shopping development, the marketing manager can be of help in this area. They can explain the demographics of the areas surrounding the venue and can offer advice on the best ways of reaching the anticipated customer.  

4. Specials. Specials can be in the form of coupons – “percentage off” deals – on slow moving items or any number of other things. Specials can also be incorporated into your advertising.  

Note – If there is an in-store special, keep in mind that even the signage announcing the special must be professionally made.  

5. Lease Obligations. If your store is part of an established venue, it is a good idea for franchisees to schedule an appointment with the marketing manager to discuss and review lease requirements for advertising.  

a. Be aware of the lease terms. For example, if you have a mall store, do not expect the mall to inform you of “free” advertising opportunities.   

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