The following actions should be taken every night:

1. Mop floors, rince mops and empty mop buckets 

2. Clean and sanitize coffee pots  

3. Clean fountain spigots (on soda dispenser)  

5. Restock  

a. Products on the counters and shelves

b. Beverages in coolers

c. Products in the freezers

d. Ice if the ice machine in the fountain station doesn’t produce ice automatically

e. Cups, lids, napkins, stirrers, an other beverage condiments

f. Food items and food condiments

g. Lotter scratchers and other lottery supplies

8. Secure money  

9. Remove trash  

10. Clean and wipe all counters  

11. Dust displays and product  

12. Check syrups and CO2 levels  

13. Turn off lights, unnecessary electrical fixtures, signage, and TV 

14. Ensure POS terminals and Internet connectivity stays on overnight

15. Turn off coffee warmers  

16. Disable and Remove key from fountain machine  

17. Secure doors  

18. Drain soda (pop) barrels  

19. See attached schedule Appendix “G”  

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