B. Discipline and Termination

Discipline. An employee who is not adequately performing the job for which they were hired should be reprimanded and written up on a “Reprimand Form” (a generic form can be found doing a quick search online).  

1. Reprimand Form. Keep to the facts when filling out a reprimand form, but be detailed.  

2. Confront the Employee. Discuss the issue with the employee. Update the  reprimand form with discussion information that comes up at this meeting. At the end of the  meeting, both the manager and the employee must sign and date the completed reprimand form.  

Termination. Terminating an employee should be a last resort. An effective manager will endeavor to work through problems existing between a manager and employee.  

1. Discrimination. The general company policy regarding discrimination is restated: Street Corner will not deny employment due to a person’s age, sex,  religion, national origin, marital status, race or disability.  

2. Documentation. Adequate and accurate documentation is a must. Employment-related documents may prove invaluable in unemployment compensation cases, wrongful termination cases and in any other litigation scenarios resulting from disgruntled former employees.  

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