Non-compliance with terms and conditions contained in a typical retail lease can lead to unnecessary headaches and rather steep penalties. Every effort should be taken to comply with all lease requirements. 

An effort should also be made to develop a working relationship with your landlord’s leasing agent and management. Such a relationship may go a long way in “defusing”  any unexpected complications during your tenancy.  

1. Hours of Operation. Abide by the requirements of the lease agreement. Typically, this will mean that a Street Corner store must be open at all times that the retail area is officially open to the public. Follow the building  regulations for closing due to weather conditions or security matters.  

a. Some Street Corner stores located inside a venue open at least one hour prior to the opening of the general building retail businesses. Since a great percentage of business for these stores comes from building employees it is profitable to catch these employees on their way to work.  

b. Some of these stores stay open one hour or more after the general public retailing closes as well.  

c. The home office should be consulted on the issue of hours of operation.  

d. Discuss extended hours of operation with landlord.  

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