D. Permits, Registrations and Licenses

After signing a lease for a location, but before a franchisee can build out the location, there will inevitably be a series of plan approvals and permit processes that vary widely from town to town, county to county, state to state, and country to country.  

1. Building permits. It is likely that your pre-construction efforts will include the need to obtain a building permit. The building permit is likely to be dependant upon a review of your plans by fire, plumbing, electrical, zoning, and health departments. The general contractor you hire to build out your store location may attend to all of these permit, registration or licensing details. It is even possible that the architect or engineering firm utilized in generating your store plans may be able to facilitate obtaining these items. However, it is absolutely critical that no construction work begins without all necessary permits. You should also be aware that some locations may be governed by union shop rules requiring the use of union workers for certain trades that may be utilized by you to build out a store.  

2. Business permits. Your store will not be allowed to begin business operations without also having complied with multiple business permit, registration and licensing requirements. The business entity or structure you choose for your company may require several governmental filings in order to be approved for business operation in any state, county or other locality where you intend to open a franchise. In addition, you will need to register your company for all of the other government requirements, such as sales tax, worker’s compensation, disability insurance and unemployment benefits. Furthermore, a local health or agriculture department that governs food establishments will be part of the regulatory process, regardless of the store format, because of the prepared food and drink products served in all Street Corner locations. The government will also require permits, registrations or licenses to carry out the sale of alcohol, tobacco/vape products and lottery. Your local laws may govern other products as well.  

Be certain that you check with any potential municipal department as well as a local attorney to assure compliance with all permit, registration and licensing requirements.  

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