Anchor Opportunity for New Mixed-Use Senior Development in Chico, California

City planners and private developers in the northern California city of Chico are carefully curating urban development with a focus on sustainability, recreation, green space, and affordable housing. At the center of it all, B20 is a multi-unit, mixed-use senior living development that includes a retail opportunity ideal for a Street Corner Urban Market to service building residents and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The 68,300 square foot facility will feature 60 apartments for seniors, community space, and three retail suites. Located at the intersection Bruce Road and E. 20th Street, the spot will serve as the heart of a rapidly growing community. The complex will already be situated within two existing residential neighborhoods to the west and east with another large, forward-thinking development being established to the south. 

Entrepreneurs with an ambition to own a successful business won’t want to miss this opportunity to operate a Street Corner Urban Market at the core of this growing community. Adjacent to B20, Meriam Park is a truly innovative development with a focus on food and health, unique living options, and progressive work spaces. Highlights of the development include:

  • More than 250 living units
  • Professional and medical office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • The Barn pavilion and event space
  • Centrally located park & amphitheater 

Coming soon to the south of B20, Valley’s Edge will offer a similar mix of residences, retail, office, and green spaces. The innovative Inspire School of Arts and Sciences is also slated to move to the area from its current location next to Chico High School. 

A Street Corner Urban Market is perfectly positioned to be the hub of activity for B20 residents and the surrounding neighborhoods, providing a spot for groceries, everyday essentials, and grab-and-go snacks and beverages. Central to the Urban Market concept is the our fresh food program, which offers a mouthwatering menu of delicious pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items, made to order from scratch. All pizzas and sandwiches, including ethnic-inspired options such as beef bulgogi and chicken tikki masala, are uniquely baked fresh on savory naan – a traditional Indian flatbread.

At Street Corner, we take pride in supporting new store owners through every step of the onboarding process. Executives on our experienced operations team are all either current or former store owners and can answer any questions you may have, and our sleek store designs and forward-thinking in-store technology sets us apart from the competition. Learn how easy it is to become a Street Corner franchisee. For more information on B20 or any of the dozens of locations available around the country, contact Vik today.

Vikram Dhillon
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