What Does Dad Want for Father’s Day

Father’s Day (June 19th) is nearly as important in the holiday rankings as Mother’s Day. According to retail statistics, shoppers differ by only about ten percent to the low side, as to the importance of Father’s Day when compared with Mother’s Day. However, most look forward to a remembrance of Dad, and most families want to be involved.

When it comes to shopping, convenience might just be the order of the day for Dad’s special celebration. Time with family takes the top spot for father’s wishes, so a special meal is paramount. BBQs are a great way for the family to have fun while honoring the special guy in their lives. This places convenience stores on the Father’s Day radar for forgotten essentials, including:

  • Charcoal
  • Lighter fluid
  • Chips, dips and other snack foods
  • Beverages of all types
  • Sandwich meat or hot dogs
  • BBQ sauce and other condiments
  • Hotdog or hamburger bun

Advertising a Father’s Day theme on convenience store displays and windows can drive traffic to your store in the days prior to the Father’s Day weekend, but especially during outdoor celebrations.  Families often opt to travel to regional destinations for a day or weekend of fun, so make sure your store has lots of items for kids, as well as parents. Simple, portable games or novelty candy can fill the bill.

Summer weather mandates on-hand impulse items, including sunscreen, inexpensive flip-flop sandals and caps. Most will purchase a greeting card, whether celebrating Dad’s special holiday at home, on the road or at public events and venues. A small display near the counter or store entrance serves as a friendly reminder!