Summer Olympics

Product Lines May Give Profits an Olympic Size Boost

The Summer Olympics may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions seasonal holidays. However, it is expected to make an impact on convenience store product lines all the same. The actual games are anticipated to kick off August 5th.

Convenience Store News reports suppliers are already preparing for it. As such, Street Corner™ franchisees should consider doing the same, especially if they’re located in high traffic areas near travel hubs.

One snack item that is sure to garner consumer interest is Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. The company has previously agreed to sponsor the event. So, they’ll be dressing up their staple products for the special occasion. Last year, chocolate in general was a money-maker for most convenience stores. In April 2016, CSP News released the figures showing that the sweet treats collectively brought in close to $3 million in total sales. We suspect that the themed bars will sell exceptionally well through at least early September.

Fountain drink giant, Coca-Cola®, is also a major sponsor this year. Stores may want to speak to their beverage supplies about stocking shelves with Summer Olympics themed cups, bottles and cans as well. This is important when it comes to the cans. Word has it they’ll feature tributes to some of the world’s most beloved athletes. As such, Street Corner locations may very well find themselves beseeched with customer requests for particular, souvenir cans.

Creating Summer Olympics related product bundles and social media promotions to honor the occasion would be a wise investment of Street Corner franchisees’ time too. For example, why not create an Olympic snack pack that includes king-size candy and soda? Or, consider packaging grab and go meals sports fans can take on their travels to and from viewing locations. To learn more about Summer Olympics products that may improve convenience store sales this August, please contact us now.