Are You Making These 7 Mistakes?

A properly run convenience store strives to eliminate hazardous liabilities and avoids potential problem causing situations.  If any of these listed below pertain to your store, it needs to be addressed immediately.

  • Unorganized
  • Dirty
  • Poor Customer service
  • Slow checkout process
  • Lack of Inventory
  • Over stimulation
  • Unsafe Working environment

Consider a  customer who is in a hurry, and can’t find what they’re looking for until they spot a pallet of inventory lying haphazardly on the ground, tear it open in a huff, and make a mess akin to a child carelessly rummaging through a toy box.  If that weren’t bad enough, the customer is then greeted with a disgruntled employee behind the counter who is less than thrilled about the clean up efforts and in turn, is downright rude. This is a classic example of How not to run or keep a store looking.

This scenario could have been avoided with better organization.
A well-organized convenience store is just that – convenient.  There are fully stocked shelves that are easily accessible.  There is nothing crowding the aisle, creating a tripping hazard or causing an unsafe work environment. Organization also improves efficiency and promotes a positive work environment beneficial to employees as well as customers.

While an overflow of inventory stored incorrectly can be a hazard to your business, so can a lack of inventory. 
Convenience stores must have in demand products at the ready. If not, your customers will shop elsewhere.  According to What’s in Store’s 2016 consumer lifestyles section, “Millennials are shopping convenience stores at a growing rate: 11.1% in 2014, compared to 7.7% in 2006. This is one example of Millennials’ preference for shopping in non-traditional retail outlets, where they now make the majority of their food purchases.”

Another way you might be inadvertently “putting off” your customers is with over stimulation.
Quite frankly, there is just too much stuff on the checkout counter. Brightly colored signage in bold lettering when used sparingly alerts customers of promotions; When used in excess, they are an assault on the eyes.  This much stimulation paired with counter clutter slows the checkout process.No matter how pleasant the clerk, customers are turned off by uncleanliness.  
survey by Cintas Corporation in QSR Magazine  polled 1000 Americans, and found that 45 percent of respondents would avoid retail stores and gas stations that had dirty restrooms. Word travels fast, and with your store’s reputation on the line, it is important to routinely clean food service equipment, beverage and condiment counters and restrooms as well as floors.

Make a checklist for your store so you can avoid making mistakes that will harm your business.