4 Big Benefits of Branding for Franchisees

This New York Times article defines the importance of branding. But really, what is branding, and what are the benefits of branding to franchisees? The branding paradigms have shifted in recent years, and the process now involves more than just getting your product or service name out there. Here are four benefits to branding a store, even if — especially if — it bears someone else’s logo.

Branding builds your unique image.

  • Branding defines who you are as a business; It’s particularly important when you’re a franchisee. By definition, a franchisee has purchased the right to operate a business under a particular company logo; The successful franchisee makes his or her store stand out among all the other stores that carry that company name. It’s bigger, brighter, cleaner. The employees are nicer, more efficient, more resourceful. A franchise maintains all the standards of the company whose logo it bears — but it goes above and beyond, and has a feel all its own.

Branding engages all your employees, and eventually all your clients.

  • Branding is not just building product; It’s a process which motivates your employees to represent the location. When your employees successfully pull customers into your particular store — as opposed to the franchise at the mall or the one down the street — you know that your employees are engaged. Thom Wyatt’s article offers 5 secrets on how to engage your employees.

Branding builds customer service; Customer service builds branding.

  • The two concepts are connected. A convenience store franchise with elite customer service becomes famous for that service, especially in a high-volume locale or shopping center. Likewise, customers will avoid the franchise that just can’t seem to handle all the volume.

Branding gets the word out.

  • Branding is a 3-dimensional concept that involves image, public relations, employee relations, customer service, product quality, franchisee identity and more. Once you identify what those terms mean to you, you’re able to get the word out regarding what exactly your brand is.

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