“Wow” Customers With These Fabulous Convenient Store Ideas

Modern technology has brought about many conveniences. What was once a task is accomplished in no time at all. Because of this, people have come to expect convenient purchasing wherever they go. If you are in business and you do not satisfy the desire and expectation of people to have service promptly and conveniently, then you lose a customer.

Furthermore, millennial customers, which make up a big block of the spending demographic, are known for their tech-savvy ways. They have grown up connected to their smart phones and internet. Businesses must find ways to connect with consumers of all generations.

For those who wish to own a convenience store – Gas Station/neighborhood market Superette, there are unique and fantastic ways available to make your place attractive and tech-savvy.

Here are a few of the Gas Station /neighborhood market Superette options offered through Street Corner.

Modern Interior Design
Ceramic floor tile is easy to clean and adds a classy modern touch to your store. Rounded containment units stocked with all your convenience items give a sleek, streamlined appearance. Many fresh, pre-made food selections will delight the customers who want a change from the fast food menu.

Modern Technological Features
Add features at your convenience store gas station location such as touch screens at the pump. With people so accustomed to using touch screen, they will quickly come to love it. Self checkouts are also becoming quite popular at larger stores, so why not make it available for your convenience store.

Added Convenience
A drive-thru service or window attracts those individuals who really want a few things but don’t feel like getting out of the vehicle. Maybe it’s too cold, raining, or they have small children to unbuckle and so on. Another fabulous convenience Street Corner offers is the option for delivery to your vehicle while pumping gas. You can order from the touch screen and have your items brought to you.

Making customers happy just means giving them a bit more convenience in their busy lives.  To learn more about what our Street Corner Store options can do for you, please contact us today.  (785) 272-8529 ext.2