2014 Food Trends

As foodservice plays an increasingly large role in the retail convenience store market, it pays for you to keep up with the 2014 food trends. Technomic, a leading consulting and research firm serving the food industry, recently released its top 10 list. These are 8 highlights especially relevant to the convenience retail setting.

Real Ingredients: More and more customers want to know the exact ingredients in what they are eating and where they came from. Be prepared to answer their questions.

Where’s the Beef: Pork and chicken are expected to gain in popularity as alternatives to paying higher prices for beef. Vegetarian options are also recommended such as eggs, beans, and soy products.

Carb Loading: People are eating more carbs again. That includes rice, breads, and waffles. They also want them in new and interesting combinations.

Forbidden Pleasures: At the same time as demand grows for healthier food and beverages, there’s an opposite attraction to a high fat, high-calorie diet busters. Someone is eating all those donuts and cheese melts.

Ethnic Dishes: Ethnic dining keeps becoming more mainstream. Korean and Scandinavian are two cuisines in the lead.

Day and Night: Cereal is not just for breakfast anymore, and hamburgers may get served long before lunchtime. Customers are likely to want anything you can imagine no matter what time of day it is.

Snacking: People are defining their own snacks regardless of what it says on the label. If they can grab it and go, that is what they will do.

Make it Quick: All across the food industry, people are using their own devices to speed up ordering. However you manage it, fast service helps you hold onto customers.