Get mall walkers into your store

Your store experiences a high level of potential customers walking by throughout the day.   This traffic does not always result in a high customer visit rate as many shoppers are there for other goods such as clothing or electronics.  With the correct marketing, you can gain the attention of passerby’s and pull more customers into your Street Corner store.

Getting a potential customer’s attention is the first step in turning them into customers.  Placing signage and display at the entrance to your store, on the outside walls and even placing displays into the corridor of the property allows the passersby to view items for sale.  Your venue should have additional information on the marketing available.  Impulse items such as candy, snacks, small gifts, and magazines are ideal to get passerby’s to enter your stores.  These low-priced items are just a lead as many consumers will purchase more expensive items once they are in the store.

Handouts and samples are an easy way for your employees to interact with consumers who are walking by and a chance to lure them into the store.  Sampling food items to the public during peak eating time such as lunch and dinner not only allows the consumer to see what food items you sell but also entices them into your store from the appealing smell and sight of the food.  Handing out a flyer/coupon to shoppers and other store employees gain their attention and gets them into the store looking for a good deal.