How to Approach an Unhappy Customer

Equipping you and your employees with the proper skills to manage retail customer service can help your store stay ahead of the game. Handling an unhappy customer is one of the most challenging aspects of retail, but also one of the most important learning experiences. Your reaction to a customer’s concern can leave a lasting impression on them, so insuring they exit your store feeling satisfied with the outcome of the situation is vital to your venue reputation and the success of your business.

  • An unhappy customer is not your enemy. Do not take a customer’s complaint as a personal insult. You may feel as though you are being attacked, but it is crucial to keep your cool and to handle the situation with a positive attitude. If you automatically take a defensive stance when dealing with the issue, you will only cause the customer’s frustration to grow, which will result in negative reviews and losing the customer’s business.
  • Take the time to listen and understand your customer’s point of view. Interrupting them while they are stating their concerns makes it appear as though you are not fully invested in solving the problem. Be aware of your facial expressions. Constantly looking away from the customer, broadcasts an attitude of disinterest. On the other hand, maintaining eye contact lets them know you are taking their complaint seriously.
  • Stating that you understand why they are unhappy with the service and that you are willing to work together to resolve the issue, helps you form a connection with the customer. Once this connection is made you will no longer be the enemy; instead, they will see you as a gateway to achieving an adequate resolution.
  • Finding a solution for certain customers can be difficult, and when it seems like none of your suggestions are quenching their thirst for retribution, it may be time to ask them what type of conclusion would satisfy them. This question will surprise many people and force them to stop and think about what they are truly trying to achieve.

The success of your business rests heavily on your ability to form lasting relationships with your customers. If you show disinterest in supplying your patrons with a pleasant shopping experience, they will not think twice before avoiding your store and informing others about your poor customer service skills. Striving to create a friendly environment that takes complaints and concerns seriously will help you improve your business’s standing in the venue.