Remember Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming quickly, and everyone knows that nothing feels worse than realizing that you have forgotten about your mother on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, as inconsiderate as it is, it can happen pretty easily because the specific date that mothers are honored changes every year, and it’s all too easy to not realize that Mother’s Day is coming up.

You can do your customers a great service by hanging up special holiday signs that promote the fact that Mother’s Day is May 10th this year. Of course, in addition to your friendly public service announcement, you can promote a few of your products that would make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts.

Most of your customers probably don’t realize how many useful and interesting products you sell. They may think of your store as a place to satisfy their sweet tooth or curb their hunger and not realize that you have many items that would make incredible gifts.

If you work with any local growers, be sure to have some fresh flowers in the store the week of Mother’s Day that can be purchased as bouquets or as corsages. Mark any items you think might make an incredible Mother’s Day gift with special signage, or move them to displays near the front of the store or the register. Don’t forget practical items like cell phone accessories and sunglasses. You might be surprised how many of your customers would be glad to purchase the perfect gift for their mom from your store.