Adding New Items

What to consider

Top selling products are directly influenced by many factors including location, customer demographics as well as advertising. Store owners should not solely rely on their sales sheets but also customer feedback to determine which products are best for their store and what products do they need to add.

Adding new products to your store can not only create more selection but also to replace the items that are not selling appropriately. Store owners should look at their inventory regularly to weed out items that don’t sell well to make room for new additions. A few areas to consider when choosing new items to add to your stores inventory are variety and new trends.

Variety is a two-sided battle in a convenience store as you want a good selection for your customers, but too much can leave them overwhelmed. If a particular snack or beverage sells well in your market then having a larger variety of it can certainly be well received among customers.   It is also recommended that you offer variety at pricing points so customers can choose from lower or higher priced items. When it comes to products it is ideal to add new products by various brands to capture all the customers brand loyalty. This leads to having several items of the same flavor or snack type, but gives customers the choice of which brand they prefer.

New Trends
Convenience store items are very trendy with new flavors, health products, snacks hitting the market daily. Many of these products never make it so it’s hard to choose which to add into your store. If you are nervous about adding a product it is ideal that you do it on a limited basis to see how it sells, then you are protected against having too much product and you can always order more. Attending trade shows in a great way for store owners to see products, their advertising as well as get to sample it.

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