Offer refuge to holiday shoppers

The holiday shopping season is the peak shopping time for shopping malls and an ideal time for your convenience store to cash in on the extra mall traffic. Store owners need to prepare its staff and store accordingly to attract the influx of mall visitors and keep up with the increased sales. Properly preparing for the season helps prevents staffing and supply issues.


Staffing is critical during the holiday shopping season due to the influx of customers. It is essential to have plenty of staff on hand during all shifts and additional staff during peak shopping times and weekends. The extra staff is needed to keep up with the additional stocking duties and help out with any questions from guests. Avoid scheduling employees for too long of shifts and too many consecutive shifts as the can become overwhelmed and fatigued.

Holiday Décor

Holiday Décor is a good way to get your employees and guest into the holiday spirit as well as draw guests in. Seasonal displays at your entrances and well as holiday signage and décor throughout your store adds spirit and attracts customers. Holiday-themed staff uniforms or apparel is a great way to get your staff energized for the season and add your holiday theme.

Seasonal Beverages and treats

Seasonal food and beverage items are an easy way to draw mall shoppers into your store. Items such as hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and seasonal candies often bring back memories of past holidays creating an impulse buy. It is critical that you have vibrant visible signage placed where passersby can see. Smells of items such as hot chocolate and hot cookies will also bring customers in inquiring about what is creating the good smells.

Convenience Items

During the hectic busy shopping days of Friday and throughout the holiday’s shoppers often don’t want to stop and take the time to eat a meal. This is a prime opportunity for convenience store in shopping malls to sell quick meal options and beverages to shoppers. Place displays of bottled water, cola and juices at the edge of the store where passerby’s will see them and realize they are thirsty and need a break.  This also works well with food items such as premade sandwiches, chips and packaged snacks.


Hosting promotions is a key marketing objective for stores on Black Friday so it is imperative that convenience store participates also. Promote your promotion or sale items with highly visible signage within the mall and if possible have it broadcast over the mall’s intercom system.