Keep your store looking uncluttered

Five Tips

How to keep your store looking uncluttered

Above Pictured: Nice, clean and uncluttered! Strive to be clutter free.

The appearance of your store is critical to attracting customers and also giving them a positive experience when they’re shopping with you. One of the possible problems your store might have is excessive clutter.

Clutter can make it more difficult for customers to find the products they want, choose between different products, and also navigate your store. While they might still make purchases from you, they might not return as frequently or purchase as many things as you hope they might. Furthermore, clutter might suggest a general messiness and low standards that customers might also think apply to your food and beverage offerings.

Look at the clutter!

What are some of the ways you can reduce clutter in your store?

  1. Don’t leave extra stock (or, more generally, any boxes or crates) out on the sales floor. Customers will find it more difficult to walk around. They might also trip or stub their toe.
  2. Keep the checkout counter tidy. A recent article from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) points out that because this is the area of the store where customers need to interact with an employee, everything should look neat. At most, you can include some small items that customers might want to purchase last minute; but make sure your customers aren’t being inundated with choices or face a messy, cluttered display on the counter. Have them end their experience at your store on a positive note, with an impression of efficient courtesy and no clutter.
  3. Get rid of inventory you don’t need. Sometimes, convenience stores leave out too much inventory, including products that are no longer in season or that have expired. Few, if any, will purchase these outdated products (especially the expired ones), so all they do is cause clutter and make you look less professional.
  4. Make sure your products aren’t creating a visual headache. When customers look along a shelf at your store, can they take in everything on it, or is there too much of a jumble? Maybe there isn’t adequate spacing between products, or maybe you’re putting products side-by-side that have clashing colors or that all look too similar, giving the impression that they’re part of one sprawling mass. Pay attention to which products look good when placed next to each other on a shelf.
  5. Be prompt in tidying up after customers. Customer sometimes knock things over, including the products you so carefully displayed on your shelves. As soon as possible, tidy up after them to keep your store from having a messy, neglected look.
Counter Clutter

When it comes to how to keep a store looking clean and attractive, don’t overlook clutter. Clutter gives the impression that your store operates under low standards.

If you need help and assistance with re-merchandising or destroying clutter, please contact us.