Street Corner Urban Market Fuel Station Coming to Merced, California

The residents of Merced will soon experience a revolutionary approach to fueling up. Opening in December 2021, Street Corner Urban Market will emphasize quality, freshness, cleanliness, and value combined with forward-thinking technology. The result? The ultimate in convenience!

The store will carry a wide range of everyday essentials, but the spotlight will be a variety of totally unique, freshly-prepared grab-and-go sandwiches, pizzas and salads. All served in a welcoming “fast casual” environment. The store will also feature:

  • Self-Checkout
  • Full Service Rare Earth Coffee
  • All Touch Screen Pumps
  • “Order At The Pump” for 16 Vehicles

The new Street Corner Urban Market fuel station will be at the corner of Campus Parkway and Coffee St.

Street Corner has franchising options that make it easy to start a successful business. Our franchise advisers are experienced owners/operators and are available to answer any questions you have.

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