Street Corner’s Food Order At Pump Feature is First in the Country!

fuel pump menu

An Innovative Approach to Fueling Up!

On this corner, you’ll find more than just gummy bears and Gatorade. Technology and innovation combine to provide a fresh-while-fast food experience, including cutting-edge order-at-the-pump technology at Street Corner Fuel Stations – a first in the country!

Street Corner’s Order-At-The-Pump Technology

Street Corner’s fresh food menu – available in select Urban Market stores – features high-quality ingredients that are made to order. Pizzas, sandwiches, and salads come loaded with both standard and unique toppings, resulting in a wide variety of options guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s palate. But we didn’t stop there! Our pizzas and sandwiches are “NAAN-traditional!” We serve them up on warm, pillowy naan, an Indian flatbread that is irresistible. Innovative baking technology in our kitchens create toasty, melty, delicious meals in mere minutes with zero sacrifice to flavor and freshness. 

Supplementing our fresh food service are house-made grab-and-go items such as fruit and veggie cups, parfaits, hummus plates, subs, salads, and more.

The verdict is out: Street Corner’s fresh food service is unrivaled by other fuel stations in the market – all in a sleek, comfortable “fast casual” environment. The result? The ultimate in convenience!

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