Kendall East Development Offers Street Corner Potential Near Tech Hub of Cambridge, Mass.

Situated along a one-mile stretch from Lechmere to Kendall Square on the east side of Cambridge, Kendall East is a multi-phase/multi-use development in a vibrant neighborhood. Just a few blocks from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Charles River, the property will host office space, retail space, parking, and 250 upscale residential units.

This is an opportunity to establish a Street Corner Urban Market in the heart of an internationally known technology hub that is teeming with energy. Complex residents and the surrounding community will undoubtedly make this store a hub for everyday needs and quick “fuel ups” on food and beverages. When Kendall East reaches completion it will feature:

  • 35,000 sf of office space
  • 50,000 sf of retail space
  • 250 parking spaces
  • 250 residential units

Further statistics on the Kendall Square neighborhood include:

  • 115k plus daytime population
  • 11k+ MIT students
  • $145k HHI
  • $328 million annual food and beverage sales
  • $1.08 billion in annual retail expenditures

A Street Corner Urban Market would complement the neighborhood with our trademark high-caliber store designs, forward-thinking technology, and sophisticated fast-casual food service. Customer services such as digital menu displays and self-checkout kiosks will be welcome features for this tech-savvy region. For those craving a bite on the run or after a late night at the office, our chef-designed food menu is on the higher end of the competition and has international appeal. Our popular pizzas and sandwiches are uniquely baked on warm, fluffy naan – a traditional Indian flatbread.

Whether it’s a store in Kendall East or any of our location opportunities available right now across the country, we have the franchise solution to get you off and running with your own successful business. Our franchise advisors have decades of experience helping entrepreneurs get their stores off the ground, working through every step of the process, from design to installation to employee training. Contact Vik today to learn more!

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