Improving Time Management

As a small business owner, time is a commodity. A small business owner is an accountant, salesperson, inventory specialist, market analyst, cashier, employee conflict resolution artist… the list goes on. As you juggle each important aspect of your store, remember that improving time management skills can help your store run at top efficiency levels day-in and day-out.

Tips for Improving Time Management

  • Make Lists: As you embark on a new work week, be sure to outline all the tasks necessary to finish the week strong and on schedule. Always prioritize your list, from most to least important. As you make your way through your list, cross off what you have completed as a testament to your success.
  • Establish Goals: These goals should be short term and long term. An example of a good short term goal would be checking and ordering inventory, a long term goal may be your magic sales number to reach this week. Give attainable and challenging goals to employees as well to help them stay focused and on task.
  • Take the Time to Teach: Proper training is the key to employee success. Taking time to give instructions will save you time in the long run. If an employee is well trained, he or she will work more confidently and efficiently.
  • Stick to Task: As a business owner, many additional tasks can arise throughout the day. Remember your priority list, stick to plan and add additional tasks in order of priority. Becoming overwhelmed can lead to roadblocks in which nothing gets accomplished.
  • Update Social Media Daily: Each day, set aside time to update social media sites like Twitter and Facebook with upcoming events, ideas, deals, and resources for followers.

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