The Future Looks Bright for Street Corner

Urban Market Fuel Station Clovis

The leadership team has been hard at work charting a new direction for Street Corner that is exciting and already poised for rapid growth in the immediate future. We now have three store opportunities to match a variety of investment levels, all featuring modern branding, sophisticated design, and enhanced technology.


For most of our history, the focus had been on 300-1,000 square foot stores or kiosks in shopping malls. A lot has changed since we started in 1988. Our Street Corner Express Stores, or mall locations as we used to call them, are still an important foundation of our business and there are many new and existing franchise opportunities currently available. In addition, we also have opportunities for larger stores that fill a much needed service for popular mixed-use developments, where people live, work, dine, and recreate all in one synergistic community.

Street Corner Urban Markets are designed to be warm, inviting, and health-conscious hubs of activity. In addition to meeting the everyday convenience needs of residents in these neighborhoods, these stores also provide fresh groceries as well as quick, high-quality made-from-scratch meals Street Corner Urban Markets range from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet and feature online ordering and self-checkout technology.

Also new to our portfolio are fuel stations, which are essentially Urban Markets with a forecourt. The first Street Corner Fuel Station opened last November in Aberdeen, S.D. This particular store partnered with Sinclair Oil for the gas brand, but fuel station franchisees are free to use any brand of fuel. Like the Urban Market stores, Street Corner fuel stations are equipped with advanced technology, including a 27-inch touchscreen at the pump where customers can order from the store in a single transaction.

A central theme to both of the larger store formats is our new fresh food service. Most food items are made-to-order, and the chef-curated menu includes classic as well as innovative pizzas and sandwiches, all baked fresh on savory naan – a traditional Indian flatbread. Customers can also choose from an assortment of fresh salads and breakfast items.

We would be delighted to share more information about all three of these formats, including locations currently available or under development. At Street Corner, we take pride in our industry knowledge and experience, and we are growing! All members of our operations team have either been store owners or currently own stores and have firsthand “real world” experience. Please reach out to Vik today to schedule an appointment or visit us on Facebook.

Vikram Dhillon
(760) 248-4007