Street Corner Announces Franchise of the Quarter, 4th Quarter 2023

Sham Birla

Congratulations to Sham Birla, Street Corner’s Franchise of the Quarter for the 4th quarter 2023! Sham is the owner of Street Corner at Metro at Main in Corona, California. The store was opened in March, 2022, and is located in the heart of the newly constructed Metro at Main mixed-use development at 434 N Main St.

“We have expanded our selection of refreshing hydration drinks, hand-picked snacks, and a variety of protein-packed cookies and bars to satisfy all types of cravings. We also offer a wide range of carefully curated beers and wines to elevate any occasion,” Birla says. “We take pride in promoting an atmosphere of warmth and genuine connections. Our commitment to open and effective communication means we are eager to hear the thoughts and feedback of the community we serve. Once you step in, you will immediately sense the positive vibes and awesome aura that defines us. Thanks to our diligently working family, who are here to ensure every customer experience is nothing short of exceptional.”

Sham has been an effective and brilliant ambassador of the Street Corner brand. If you are in the vicinity of this location, please drop in and say hello.