February is Hot Breakfast Month

When National Hot Breakfast Month kicks off on February 1st, will your convenience store be ready to serve the hungry public’s needs?

If not, you’re letting a profitable day-part slip away. Across the nation, Americans are already spending more than $104 million dollars on breakfast sandwiches and deli items alone. In-store baked goods, microwave meals, yogurt, breakfast bars and morning beverage sales are robust in most regions too. Here are a few ideas to help you prepare:

Check your breakfast daypart sales on your Cash Register Express and focus on the products that offer the highest profit margin potential. Then think about expanding those lines to include a few low-cost items. For example, Sunny Fresh has Eggs ASAP!® deli products that traditionally retail for less than a dollar. They could be used as door buster products.

Integrate breakfast messages in your social media campaigns and update your Foursquare account to show any changes. It’s also a great idea to join in on conversations that may crop up about National Breakfast Month and your convenience store’s special promotions

Once you’ve got your National Breakfast Month plans in place, take steps to make sure that the store’s staffing levels are up to snuff. After all, customers are coming into your store for more than just convenience sake. Excellent, fast customer service is likely tops on their list too.

Stay on top of convenience store trends you need to boost breakfast sales in the weeks to come.

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