Digital Marketing: 5 Ways to Use Instagram in Your Street Corner

If you haven’t already, consider adding Instagram to your store marketing. Similar to other social media hotspots like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is an easily downloadable app that allows users to connect via photos and short videos shared throughout the network. With over 150 million users already, this popular app could be an ace in your pocket-sized smartphone.

Photos and videos are the posts of choice for many social media users. In fact, a 2012 Facebook study showed photo posts received 53% more “likes” and 104% more comments than text-only posts.

Here are five ideas for creating an engaging Street Corner store campaign on Instagram:

1. Contests

Host weekly contests. Create a special hashtag and challenge followers to post theme-specific photos with the contest tag. Themes could include Street Corner selfies or favorite products. Reward winners with discounts and freebies.

2. Photo Series

Engage followers with a Photo of the Day or Customer of the Week series. Snap quick portraits of the interesting people who visit the store (with their permission, of course). Showcase charming mall walkers. What is the view from the counter? Use filters and effects apps to make it visually appealing.

3. Behind the Scenes Videos

Consider posting an occasional video. It might be a quirky 10 seconds of the store during opening or closing. (e.g., a product delivery, a happy lottery winner, or the coffee brewing). Post a video demonstrating a product on sale. How about an “interview” with that charming couple who walk the mall every morning?

4. Participate in Posting Trends

Participate in posting trends like #megadrinkmonday, #takeabreaktuesday, #waybackwednesday, and #selfiesunday. Make it fun. Make it less about the store and products and more about life outside the store.

5. Tell a Story

If you’re really feeling creative, you might use a daily photo or video to tell a running Street Corner story. Perhaps a knick-knack comes to life and creates mischief around the store. Daily photos (or videos) further the storyline. Incorporate a contest by inviting followers to suggest the next twists and turns in the plotline. Winning ideas are rewarded with discounts and freebies.

How to get started

Get started by first downloading the app to your chosen device. Once it’s downloaded and installed, you’ll be able to register and create your username and password. Visit this link for additional help.

In-store signage can also be placed letting your customers know to look for you on Instagram and what to search for.

Instagram presents a great way to grow your customer base–first by reaching them and then by engaging them in fun and interesting ways.