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Street Corner
Urban Superette

Mixed-use environments are hot, and the Urban Superette is designed to be the go-to neighborhood store in these densely populated hubs of activity that frequently combine dining, entertainment, work and apartments.

Highly visible and well-trafficked, the Urban Superette provides everything one expects from a convenience store, but is flush with a wide selection of grocery items, including fresh foods and even an optional full-service deli, so it can substitute for a fill-in trip to the supermarket. That means profits for you. A warm, fresh look with sleek, refined decor and enhanced, highly visible branding elements make this an inviting place to shop.

Tightly woven into the fabric of the community, this store will enjoy a customer base of employees, students, residents and families spending an evening out. Capture this built-in audience and watch your earnings soar!

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Build out starting at $250,000 – Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 4.95%

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