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Hear what our Franchisees are Saying!

"We have been evaluating “urban markets” for the Banks project for almost two years. Many operators call their concept a urban market but are nothing more than a C store attempting to fit into the urban fabric. Street Corner is the first operator we have seen that understands the appropriate product mix and how to create and look and feel of the store that welcomes urbanites in. We are thrilled to finally have this addition to our project in Cincinnati and it was worth the wait!"
Laura Griffin, Nicol Investment Company, LLC, Cincinnati, OH
"From the beginning, Street Corner was easy to work with. They are very helpful in providing suggestions on how to organize your store. They provide assistance on what products to sell and compare notes with other owners. If I need assistance they get it done right away. ”
Alfred Din Street Corner #42
"We have owned and run a Street Corner franchise for the last 8 years. Both my wife and myself must derive some pleasure in doing this for so long. When we bought into this business, we thought we will have it for a couple of years and perhaps move on. But there is a lot of pleasure in knowing that there is absolute security in the malls and you generally have a very decent clientele. The hours are very manageable because you open when the malls open. You develop good friends and repeat business from the mall. The Street Corner concept is perfect and people recognize it with cleanliness and good value and as a result keep coming back. The staff at head office are very helpful and it is a pleasure to approach them. As a family business, this is a perfect venture.”
Mike Parbhoo, Street Corner, Orlando, Florida.
"This is a personal note to express my sincerest gratitude for your persistence and impressive work on this lease.  You are amazing! You are worth your weight in gold!  This must be cost savings up to $ 20,000 for our small start-up. You’ve made my weekend."
Levar Ambroise - Street Corner Coming Soon
"I would like to thank you and underline the wonderful support and service you accord to us every time."
Yohannes Beraki, Street Corner #63
"I have owned my own businesses all my life.  Most of the businesses I was involved with were in the Malls. I am very happy to be a Street Corner Franchisee.  I get unlimited support from Pete, Kalpesh and others in the office.  Street Corner charges a very nominal franchise fee to start and a small royalty fee every month. I have always been treated like a partner, a friend and a part of the Street Corner family.  I recommend Street Corner Franchise to everyone who would like to own their own business with low startup cost, below market royalty fee, and the world class help from the Franchisor."
Soloman Jiwani - Street Corner #20
"I was looking for a business opportunity 6 years ago. I tried a few big names in franchisee business. Due to investment, working environment and type of product I wanted to sell gave me limited choice. Suddenly, this name called "street corner " came up in my Google search. I picked up the phone, got right person and based on my limitations and some restrictions they worked with me and everything worked out well. With all support from operations, marketing and leasing I was able to buy my 1st retail business and its still working out well in my good and bad times. Especially with my recent relocation.  All support from Pete and Kalpesh helped me a lot."
Niraj Shah Street Corner #61
"I have been a franchisee longer than anyone else in the current system.  From the beginning, Street Corner was friendly and easy to work with. Their company is very professional and covered everything from opening in the morning to leaving at the end of the day.  Owning a Street Corner store is the best thing I’ve ever done for my career and for my family."
Vick Patel Street Corner #22
"Everybody at Street Corner is very co-operative.  They are always there when you need them.  When we are require to deal with landlord, Pete is always there with his experience and works hard on our behalf.  We love our business with lots of passion and in the future we would be happy to open another Street Corner."
Mike Odhawni Street Corner #45
"Street Corner has worked with me with honesty, transparency, and integrity. All the staff members of SC that I have worked with surpassed my expectation. I have gotten all the support that I needed in site selection, in the process of store design and construction and grand opening preparation. I definitely would not do it by myself without the support that I got from Street Corner to start this business."
Alex Street Corner #114
Your service, communication and help were excellent. I was extremely pleased with the job you did for me, even though I didn't get the store. I specially appreciate your refund policy, I got my check in just two business days. Again thank you so much for everything.
Cynthia San Diego California
It has been a wonderful and productive experience working with the Street Corner franchise.  We have been at this location for over a year now, and in this year, we have built and strengthened our customer base and loyalty through excellent customer service, creating a friendly atmosphere, and professionalism.  We have financially invested in the presentation of the store by restructuring and building new racks and displays.  We have also increased the variety of products and therefore, have increased sales dramatically.  My wife and I have utilized every bit of square footage to bring the store to its maximum potential.
Deepti & Bhavin Prajapati #84