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Our basic POS, or point-of-sale, systems and training could also be known as point-of-profit support. We provide you with the know-how to efficiently complete the sale, keep customer lines moving and all POS functions, positive.

Working the cash register, credit card processing, product scanners, Loyalty Program and Gift Cards, Customer Service, reporting methods, easy access to our web portal and a sophisticated security system that shows every register sales transaction, in real time, right along with real time video is a good beginning to our end goal – your profitability. 

And our POS system provides even more efficiency:

  • Full inventory management
  • Off-site access to all store data and monitoring from any computer or device attached to the Internet
  • Integrated credit card swipe
  • Touch screen operation
  • No modems
  • Employee time tracking
  • Store data is available with various useful reports and functionality through your own web-portal account.*
  • Ability to use Street Corner UPC scanned coupons and combo deals
*Data hosting cost is $40 per month per terminal, Webportal is included with the data hosting