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Street Corner

The shopping mall is where Street Corner cut its teeth. From Day One, you’ll be an indispensable part of the shopping experience, delivering convenience goods, daily essentials, and refueling coffee, snacks and beverages to a captive audience of mall shoppers and employees.

Take advantage of highly visible, well-trafficked loca-tions like the food court or a prominent spot on the concourse. The mall is a proven winner, and a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment in which to do business.

Your store will benefit from the latest Street Corner design concepts, welcoming entry with popular items up front, and attention-grabbing exterior signage and décor to stand out in the bustle of the mall. The concourse kiosk, for its part, is roomy and defines grab-and-go ease. Both varieties also offer a smaller footprint, which means they’re easy to staff, clean and stock.

Most importantly, our mall stores offer economical start-up costs and typically come with favorable long-term leases, so you can maximize your profits.

Build out starting at $104,000 – Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 4.95%

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