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Franchises at Your Convenience!

Street Corner knows all about convenience. Convenience to our customers, convenience to our Franchisees. We know what you want and need and that it’s not the same for everyone. So we provide you with three separate formats of operations, each with unique differences and advantages to satisfy your individual needs.

The In-line Store

Street Corner’s in-line store is the traditional, classic format that is prevalent in our high-visibility locations. It is enclosed on 3-sides and offers the greatest storefront footage and interior space. Additionally, the in-line store might provide an attached storage room, depending upon the specific venue and location.

The Kiosk

Easily accessible on all four sides, Street Corner’s Kiosks offer the most public visibility. As a totally free-standing format, the Kiosk is often located in the best area of the venue with the best customer exposure. Additionally, the Kiosk is the quickest and easiest to build-out which results in less construction costs for you. And yet, with its compact size and design, the Kiosk provides, virtually, the same popular, highly desirable inventory as the larger format stores.

Street Corner Express

The unique Street Corner Express is a totally unmanned, self-service convenience store, open 24/7 and 365 days a year! Unlike other self-serve formats, our unmanned store is not filled with cold, hands-off vending machines. Our products are displayed on attractive, open shelving units, much the same as in the traditional Street Corner convenience stores. Pick it up, place it back, your customers know what they’re buying and enjoy their usual, hands-on shopping experience. Street Corner Express requires absolutely no employees since payment is made through easy-to-operate cash or credit payment kiosks. And, here, security is king. The Street Corner is operated in a “closed-loop environment” where access is only available to building employees and an integrated video system is always visible on your chosen offsite device. BTW, our unmanned store is easy to build-out and the simplest format to install. So your construction and operation costs are low. And more. Needing only 150 sq. ft. of space, you may find any location you choose, for your Street Corner Express Franchise. Close to home, easy commute, easy to own and easy to operate. You really have to agree – Street Corner does know convenience!