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Getting your new business off to a good “start-up” is a strong indication of good things to come. But it’s still just the start. Our ongoing Franchisee training and support in operations, marketing, promotions, products and customer service keeps you updated, informed and inspired to increase every possibility for success.

Weekly Tips – proven “how to’s,” new trends and operational tools that work; even how to market on Social Networks.

Monthly Product Spotlight – what’s new or “coming soon” that might be a boost and boon to your product line, like the nation’s newest “rock star” energy drink; existing products that are particularly popular and, perhaps, creative ways to promote them.

On-line catalog – we also provide signage, thank you bags, price tags, flyers and other marketing materials, many of which, may be conveniently ordered from our online catalog.

Monthly or Quarterly Newsletters, Regional Sales Meetings and Seminars/Webinars

Annual In-Store Visit – a complete store inspection for maintaining company standards; identifying successful strategies or issues needing attention; answering questions.

In-Store Visit Analysis – resolve problem areas; in-depth comparison to previous visits; maximize profits.

In-depth sales analysis – from your supplied Profit and Loss statements, we can offer weekly, monthly or annual sales trends and comparative statistics.

Our pledge is to always be there to help you – All you need to do is pick up the phone and call.

Weekly, monthly and annually, we’re at your side, have your back and lead you to the end goal – profitability. And keep you there.