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In theory, “Marketing” means anything that helps sell and promote our products and services. In the real world
of business, “Marketing” is the difference between profits and bigger profits! It can be as simple as wearing our Street Corner embroidered Polo Shirt or as rewarding as participating in a local Community charity event.

While costly media advertising is, usually, not necessary, due to our highly visible Street Corner locations, Grand Opening ads, flyers, $pecial Coupons and other marketing techniques are valuable store openers. Let’s see what works best for you.

We have worked tirelessly, for over two decades, to create a friendly, welcoming, well-trusted identity for our Street Corner family of Franchises. Great products, great service, provided by great people. Like you. Marketing is a very powerful tool for the Street Corner stores. As a new Franchisee, it’s your turn to cash in on our efforts. Build your Brand, expand it, spotlight it, market it. We’ll show you how to reap the rewards.