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The Street Corner Franchise: We know what matters!

Experience Matters

If you want to be the boss and own a business with an ongoing customer craving for its products and services, the convenience store industry fills the bill. And we have that market cornered.

With more than 40 stores, across America, the Street Corner convenience stores offer our Franchisees every benefit, every service and every opportunity to be successful. And more. We offer 25 years of practical experience to guide you on your way. Step by step.

The Customer Matters More

In an industry where the customer is golden, Street Corner provides only high-traffic locations with, actually, two streams of customers. Street Corner serves the customer visiting the mall, hospital, college campus or office complex AND the employees working at the location itself. This “captive audience” is the base on which the Franchisee builds its revenue foundation. It’s strong and it’s solid.

The Location Matters Most

When buying a Franchise, as with other purchases and leases involving real estate, it’s always location, location, location. Is the business accessible? Is it high traffic and highly visible? Is there ample, available parking? Is the location maximized for profitability? Street Corner sets these very high standards and criteria for their locations. Every Street Corner store adheres to its namesake founding principles – go where your customer is and provide them with the “sips, snax and stuff” they want, at a good price. Easy in, easy out. Conveniently. With over two decades of experience, both doing it right and learning from our mistakes, Street Corner assists each Franchisee with comprehensive site location. We help find and evaluate the best store to meet your needs and offer every advantage for your success.

We Put the “ease” into the Lease

After finding the right location, what might be the most challenging aspect of starting your new Franchise, begins; dealing with the landlord and the unfamiliar terms and conditions of “The Lease.” Well, Street Corner is serious about making your Franchise process easy. With our vast experience in overseeing more than 40 store locations, our strong reputation and presence in the industry and our knowledge of the most favorable retail provisions, we help negotiate the broad, over-all economic business aspects of your prospective lease. We also provide your own chosen legal counsel with our years of information and expertise, when they review your final lease and later lease renewals. With the Street Corner brand, knowing our business also means taking care of yours.