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Foursquare Makes Your Street Corner Smarter

If you’re looking for retail marketing tips, Foursquare could be the ace in your pocket. Since its introduction to smart phone mobile apps, Foursquare has been a way to check-in–to let others know where you are. Then it morphed into a way to review and recommend places to your connections. You could search for something specific, like “convenience store,” and the app would tell you where to find one and what others in your network thought of it. On August 29, however, Foursquare launched a new development on Android that makes it more proactive.

The new Foursquare will recommend can’t-miss deals and places without the need for an actual check-in. Using the holder’s location, the app will automatically ping the user with interesting nearby places to visit or current money-saving deals at retail shops. For you, this means another avenue to make sure nearby traffic knows you’re there and is informed of relevant specials.

First of all, be sure you’ve claimed your store.

  1. After you’ve downloaded the Foursquare app, attempt to check in by searching for your store.
  2. If your store isn’t listed, choose “Add this place” and follow directions. Be sure to add complete information so the listing is as useful as possible.
  3. If your store is already listed but is as-yet unclaimed, choose the “Claim here” option.
  4. You’ll be asked to verify the location and your claim either by phone or mail. A small verification fee is charged, and a confirmation code is required.

For more information about claiming your store, consult the Foursquare for Business website.

Once you’ve taken control of your listing, you’ll have the option of posting updates, deals, announcements, and other bits of information helpful to current and potential customers. These could be advertised in-store specials and coupons.

Another popular feature is offering exclusive Foursquare deals. These are special savings based on a user’s Foursquare activity. You can offer free or discounted merchandise after a certain number of check-ins. If there is a certain time of day you see a lag in business, perhaps you could offer a special incentive for anyone who checks in during that time period. You might also consider a newbie discount–a deal for those checking in for the first time.

For additional ideas on how to promote your Street Corner on Foursquare, check out Brian Honigman’s piece on Social Media Examiner.