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1. Q. What will I receive as part of the Street Corner Franchise system?

A. You'll receive site selection and design assistance, management and customer service training, access to proprietary Street Corner purchasing and operational programs and ongoing general guidance in operations, promotion and marketing. You will also receive a monthly newsletter and be invited to system wide and regional meetings, seminars, webinars and any special events. After opening, additional consulting, on an individual basis, is always available, at a daily or hourly fee.

2. Q. How much does an individual Street Corner Franchise cost?

A. The total estimated initial investment ranges from $23,000 to $1,500,000 depending on the type/size of the store and the extent of construction and/or customization and the amount of products stocked. It excludes the initial Franchise fee of $19,900 - $24,900, which is due in a lump sum, when you sign the Franchise Agreement. The cost also covers the initial assistance and training you receive to set up and operate your Street Corner store. This Franchise fee is discounted by 20% for any subsequent Street Corner Franchise you open. Mall-Based: Build out starting at $104,000 -Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 4.95% Gas Station: Build out starting at $222,000* - $1,500,000 - Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 3.00% *Existing location acquire and remodel Urban Superette: Build out starting at $250,000 -Franchise fee $24,900, Royalties: 4.95% Express: Build out starting at $23,000 -Franchise fee $19,900 - up to three stores for this fee, Royalties: 4.95%

3. Q. Is financing available?

A. Street Corner does not offer direct financing or guarantee your loans, notes or financial obligations. However, we can provide a referral for lending services. Under certain circumstances, we may consider guaranteeing a lease contract for your mall space.

4. Q. How much is the "royalty" fee?

A. The royalty fee, for continuing services, payable weekly to the Street Corner Franchisor, is equal to 4.95% of the Gross Revenue (minus sales tax) derived from the operation of the Franchised location. It entitles you to continued use of the Street Corner trademarks and access to our proprietary purchasing and operational programs, as well as the continuing operational and marketing assistance we provide to all Franchisees.

5. Q. Is there a cost for advertising and promotion?

A. There is no Advertising Fee and no requirement that you advertise your Franchise. However, Street Corner does provide special advertising, promotional and merchandising materials that you can purchase, at your discretion. The Marketing Fee is a prepaid expense account that is used for purchasing these items and is accrued and aggregated, exclusively, for your store. Additionally, there is a unique incentive program to help you earn discounts on these materials.

6. Q. What training will I receive?

A. Prior to your store opening, you (or your managing owner) and one managerial employee will receive on-site training from Street Corner personnel. This training, detailed on this website, is based on the Street Corner Operations Manual and associated materials. Trained personnel must also attend any "refresher courses" that Street Corner may provide from time to time and pay the applicable fees.

7. Q. How long is the term of the Franchise agreement?

A. The initial term of a Street Corner Franchise is 7 years or the term of the initial site lease, whichever is longer. If you stay in good standing, you can renew or extend your Franchise for two additional 5-year terms at the then current renewal rate. The current renewal rate is $5,000.

8. Q. Will I have an exclusive territory?

A. Territory rights can be purchased separately. We currently have a policy of not granting more than one Franchise, in an enclosed mall, unless the gross leasable area of the mall exceeds 1,500,000 square feet. The first Franchisee in one of these large malls will have the first option to purchase another store in the same mall.

9. Q. How do I get started?

A. It’s easy. Just fill out the enclosed Confidential Information Request Form, and submit it to us. After we review the application, we'll contact you to set up a meeting. If you have any questions, call us at 800-789-6397 Ext.

10. Q. Can a Street Corner Franchise sell beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages?

Street Corner is not opposed to the sale of alcoholic beverages and, in fact, a few of our Franchisees do sell wine and beer. However, this decision is solely dependent upon the rules and regulations of the regional venue and landlord of the individual franchises.

11. Q. How much annual income can a Franchisee expect from owning a Street Corner convenience store?

While this is, certainly, a very reasonable question to ask, the standard rules of the FTC prohibits Franchisors from making general claims regarding income, revenue or profits. However, there is no prohibition from talking to other Franchisees and you are welcome to do so.

12. Q. What kind of store security, besides the general security provided by the mall or other venue, comes with the Franchise and is there an additional cost?

Due to the environment of our store locations, there is a very high level of inherent security both from the venue itself and the mutually beneficial cooperation and support of neighboring businesses. In addition, video camera equipment is included in the equipment package for each store. This video equipment ties into the register system and is conveniently viewable from both on and off-site locations. Street Corner also provides a sophisticated inventory system that tracks products as an alert to any shop-lifting activity.

13. Q. Are there store locations available in other venues besides malls? Are the costs the same?

Street Corner locations are also available in high-traffic office buildings, hospitals and college campuses. Cost is dependent upon several variables including size and condition of the space, existing build-out, local labor market, etc.

14. Q. How many employees (besides the owner) does the average-sized store need to operate a typical 7-day work schedule?

An average Street Corner store is adequately staffed with one full time Manager (owner or other designated employee) and 3 – 5 part time staff. Each Franchisee finds his own level of staffing comfort depending upon his individual needs.