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Street Corner

The Street Corner Express store offers the chance to take control of your financial future with little investment and without pulling you away from your full-time job or other businesses.

Your unmanned store, typically on the main floor or similar populous area of an established office building, will be an outpost for building employees who want to grab a snack without getting in their car and heading off the premises. With a more manageable selec-tion of essentials to get through the work day, and thus easy to keep stocked, the Express store employs pay kiosks that accept traditional payment forms along with pre- loaded employee ID cards.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy low rent, as landlords want to make convenience goods accessible to their tenants as a perk. Combined with zero employee cost, the Express store delivers all the benefits of franchise ownership without the need for a large investment.

Build out starting at $23,000 – Franchise fee $19,900, Royalties: 4.95% – up to three stores for this fee.