New Street Corner Urban Market in Innovative, Pedestrian-Only Development Near Phoenix

Culdesac neighborhood in Tempe rendering

In perhaps one of the most intriguing, unusual mixed living developments on the horizon anywhere in the country, a new Street Corner store is on the rise. Culdesac in Tempe, Ariz., is a 17-acre oasis built from scratch for those inspired to live in a completely car-free environment – the first of its kind in the U.S.

According to the New York Times, the property will host more than 750 apartments, 16,000 square feet of retail space, and 1,000 residents upon completion. Residents are contractually bound to the community’s no-car policy, agreeing not to park a car on site or even nearby streets. So instead of streets criss-crossing through the scene like any ordinary suburban landscape, Culdesac features wide open pedestrian-friendly community spaces, including a dog park, a pool, courtyards, and more.

Culdesac is on the light rail line to downtown Phoenix, but the developers had in mind that residents may not want to hardly ever venture far with ample retail amenities on site. That includes a Street Corner Urban Market store owned by company CEO Vikram Dhillon. A notch well above your typical convenience store, it will feature a curated inventory of fresh produce, groceries, and high quality prepared foods. Residents and guests can pop in for lunch “on the go” or find those missing ingredients for a recipe. Specialty items include vegetarian and vegan options, craft beer and kombucha on tap and an assortment of wine and cheese pairings for picnics in the park.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this innovative community, and I believe it will likely be the first of many similar car-free neighborhoods in urban centers around the country,” says Dhillon. “Mixed-use developments are already a popular option for a growing number of people that want to live in an environment that provides direct access to office space, dining, entertainment, and recreation. A pedestrian-only environment is a natural progression, and Street Corner will be there.”

Street Corner Urban Market in Culdesac will open in 2022.