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While still a college student, looking for ways to meet his growing financial obligations, Peter LaColla unleashed his creative "I can do it!" spirit. Why not provide a favorite, fast snack for people needing a late hour pick-me-up, after an evening out and about? Why not, indeed! So for three years, Pete sold hot dogs, pretzels and coffee on – you guessed it! – a street corner outside a popular nightclub in Poughkeepsie, New York. And the rest is history. Or, at least, it's an interesting lesson in creating your own opportunities.

One of LaColla's frequent customers was attorney Dan McCabe, who was also teaching local classes in Real Estate and "How to start your own business." As chance would have it, Peter was attending both.

Becoming friends and combining LaColla's entrepreneurial vision with McCabe's extensive business experience and legal expertise, they formed McColla Enterprises, Ltd. And, now, the rest is history!

In 1988, McColla Enterprises, Ltd. launched their first Street Corner convenience store in the West Ridge Mall in Topeka, Kansas. Within a few years, CEO, Peter LaColla, and President, Dan McCabe, opened dozens of stores, serving diverse local populations from 20,000 to 6 million people.


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Today, Street Corner is the #1 mall and specialty-based convenience store in the U. S. With more than 40 Franchises, located only in high-traffic locations such as, malls, hospitals, office buildings and college campuses, Pete and Dan have kept that "We can do it/you can do it!" spirit, flourishing. By paying close attention to the ever-changing needs of their customers, satisfying them and always focusing on the heart and soul of their operation - their family of Franchisees - McColla Enterprises, Ltd. is fulfiling their dream.


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Tomorrow brings bigger dreams. Wider goals and stronger visions. Unlimited success. For all.

To complete their commitment of extending the Street Corner brand coast-to-coast, Pete and Dan are looking for qualified and dedicated Franchisees to join one of today's fastest growing and most successful retail opportunities.

With an eye to entering a whole new era of development, Pete LaColla says, "This is an exciting time for us. In addition to our top tier mall locations, we want to be the innovators and forward thinkers in the convenience store business. We want to bring our brand to all the other viable locations that are being over-looked by our industry. We're searching out all the possibilities. We have the vision to do that."

President Dan McCabe agrees, "We have to constantly forge ahead, explore and expand the opportunities wherever the economics are right and the Franchisees are eager to participate. It could be anywhere high volumes of people work, shop, play or want a quick snack or a fast boost of energy. We're ready to make it happen."